Sunday, 6 November 2011

WordPress SEO-Learn Everything Important to Rank

Optimization for search engines is something that's important to anyone interested in becoming a successful WordPress blogger. However, there's one thing that you should understand when it comes optimizing your WordPress blog for the search engines and that is accuracy. Without accuracy there's no clear way to determine what is and isn't working. If you really want to rank well with the search engines however there are a few things you must do with each and every blog you start. Learn about three of these tactics in the article below.

Put the Keyword in the Title When it comes to WordPress blogs, you always have to place the keyword phrase in the title if you want it optimized for the search engines. This is one of the easiest and the strongest ways to get noticed by the search engines. However, you should stay away from keyword stuffing as much as you can. Only place your first keyword in the title if you think it makes sense to do so. Your title should not only read well but it should also make sense. Link to Valuable Content: It is actually a good thing to point out resources that will actually help your readers. When you link to other content it proves that you are confident in your own ability to retain readers and you're not scared to send them away from you for a little while. The search engines tend to analyze your site and when they see you're linking to other authoritative resources, they will give you more points on it. Your primary goal ought to be to make your WordPress blog or website as useful as it can be so that you impress both the search engines and the humans who visit your site.

Don't Leak Link Juice: One thing that you will always see on a lot of WordPress blog is the amount of external links there are in the sidebar.

These links show up on all the pages of your blog, which makes you lose link juice. This will have a big impact on your blog being optimized successfully for the search engines. If you have no intention of doing then use the no follow tag for the unimportant pages of your blog. This is so that you are safe.

SEO doesn't seem all that difficult when you put the great tools WordPress has to offer alongside the work. If you are sincere in your wish to capitalize on this advantage then you need to first understand why it's important to sweat out the small stuff. Why aren't you getting started yet? Take action now so that you can begin enjoying the results of your efforts.

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