Sunday, 30 October 2011

Making Google AdWords Work for You as a Beginner

Generating targeted traffic for a website is highly important, and there isn't a blogger or webmaster who isn't aware of this fact. If your site is not receiving targeted visitors, then you clearly have a problem and certainly aren't moving forward. The Internet is filled with many different opportunities when it comes down to traffic generation, which includes both free and paid methods, pay per click marketing being amongst them. Google AdWords has been the frontrunner in the PPC market for quite some time now and it still holds a powerful position in this market even though it competes with the likes of Microsoft. You will need to read this article if you plan on launching an AdWords campaign to generate traffic for your site.

Basically, whatever keywords you are targeting in your ad must be relevant to the keywords you use in your landing page. You have to make your ad stand out and command attention as much as possible. Your keyword will get highlighted and be in bold print for the user to see, so if you can put it at the top and in the middle of your ad you will stand a greater chance of someone clicking on it. Linking your ad to the home-page with the expectation of seeing good results, is a mistake that is fairly common amongst new Adwords advertisers. Your ad on Adwords needs to be congruent with the landing page you are directing people to, so this is something to keep in mind when you are creating a new campaign. The product in your ad, needs to match the product on your landing page. Landing on a homepage that is irrelevant to their search will just frustrate your visitors and have them clicking off your site.

Google lets you include a display URL in your ad, which is not the same as the destination address. For your ad to achieve greater relevancy, make sure to include the keyword in this URL. Say that the destination URL is and you are targeting "roses" as a keyword, then your display URL should look something like It's not something you want to overlook because your clickthrough rate can be seriously affected. There is a lot of information out there about running your own Google AdWords campaign so that it is successful but theory is just that: theory. Unless and until you take some action and put your knowledge into practical use, you won't see any good results. All information is important when running an AdWords campaign.

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