Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Best Way to Pre-Sell Your Product

Pre-selling can help you sell lots more affiliate products because you are pretty much doing everything under the sun but trying to sell things. Good pre-sell content doesn't just get the attention of a prospect, it helps build your relationship with them too. Now the real question becomes what should you do to make your pre-sell as effective as possible so that you can get the sort of response you want to see? In the following paragraph we are going to analyze a few simple things you can put to work right now to instill more confidence into your pre-sell content so that it creates more conversions for you.

It's important to remember that the pre-sale of a product is just that: a pre-sale; you don't have to put forth a sales pitch. Your job isn't to convince a prospect to buy your product; the sales letter on the merchant's site should take care of that. What you're trying to do here is basically educate your prospect in the best possible way about the product's ins and outs; the good, the bad. While you need to position the prospect in the best way possible to get your readers interested in your products it is also important to avoid hype and embrace honesty. 

If you haven't used the product that you are pre-selling yourself, you can always use the results other people have gotten. Your focus here should be on convincing your prospect about the product and the benefits it offers, even if it's through someone else's results. Gather feedback from people who have actually used the product and see what they have to say. You can do this via Twitter, forums, Yahoo! Answers, etc. The point is that when you use the results, you are actually getting your prospects to have confidence in you and giving them more reasons to trust you.

As you create the content for your pre-sell, try to come up with a few things that your prospects might be trying to solve so that your content is, in effect, pushing the prospect to look for solutions. There are so many reasons this will work but the fact of the matter is that it is effective because once a problem is clearly defined for a person he or she automatically starts to look for a solution to that problem. Your primary job is to create content that does more than just explain issues and pitfalls to your prospects; it should also lead them toward the specific calls to action that you want them to take. 

Pre-selling isn't just useful for affiliate marketers; other marketers can use it to by offering informational material to potential buyers that helps them decide that they need what you have to offer them. In the end, you need to try and work with a variety of ideas when it comes to effective pre-selling because you just never know what will work and give you the results you want to see. Don't be scared to move outside of your comfort zone; it's okay to test things that nobody else has tested yet. This won't just help you with your pre-selling but with the sales and your overall conversion rate.

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