Friday, 28 October 2011

There is No Reason To Fear PPC Advertising and Here is Why

PPC advertising has attracted the attention and efforts of millions of advertisers over the years. However, in order to get the most out of your PPC campaign, you need to understand the importance of writing solid ad copy, one that actually gets results. Yes, there are some tricks of the ad copy trade, but where do you stand with the basics?

If your ads need to be more persuasive and compelling, then just read the following effective methods to accomplish that.

Ad copy that doesn't have an effective call to action will most definitely lag behind the others. You need to give your target audience something to take action on, or else there's no use running your campaign. Any place where there is some desired action you want people to take, you really need to include this device. For example, if you want them to enter their name and email address, then clearly mention that in your ad copy. The more direct you are in your approach, the less confusing things will be. 

You can come across all kinds of stories about what makes for higher conversions, but one very important thing is to take note of the date of publication - it may be an outdated method. Google, for example, will not allow you to use certain things you see elsewhere just because you want the ad to stand out. Test what works for you and then take the steps accordingly.

If you want to add more trust and authority to your ad then you should use the term 'Official Site' in your ad copy. Bear in mind that if you say you are the official site, then you really need to be the official site. The single best way to lower your ad costs is to be extremely relevant all along the way from your keywords to ads to your landing page. In the interest of marketing diversity, we do not see any reason for not trying PPC advertising. Once you start putting these tips into action, you will realize that finding long term success with PPC advertising starts with creating a great ad. Do keep in mind that learning how to write better PPC ad copy will naturally improve your copywriting in other areas, too. If you can dedicate enough time to practice and take calculated risks, there's no reason as to why you can't make your PPC campaign a success.

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